Béziers: grand bazaar or not, the merchants of the city center keep smiling

Started this Friday, April 1, the sale of shops in the hyper-center continues this Saturday again. The opportunity for an inventory with the association of traders.

Peña, colored balloons, animator at the microphone… On the occasion of the Grand bazaar, which continues this Saturday, April 2, there reigned, this Friday morning, a festive atmosphere in the streets of downtown Béziers. There were certainly not the crowds of the great days, the strong and cold Tramontane which was blowing having discouraged more than one barge.

But the traders kept smiling. As a whole, they are also displaying good morale. The difficult times, induced by successive confinements, have been forgotten. Customers have returned and the side of the association of downtown merchants, we remain positive.

Before and after Covid

Starting with Frédéric Silva, the new president of the structure. That morning, gourmets paraded through his shop on rue de la République, where Éric Gasc, the vice-president of the association, joined him: “After the confinements, people needed to consume again, rejoices Frédéric Silva. What has literally exploded is the restoration.”

Another observation: a clientele increasingly in search of quality and traders wishing to see franchised stores relocate to a refreshed and more attractive city center: “There are far fewer empty apartments, notes Éric Gasc, trader for thirty years.

“People often tell us that the city has become cleaner, that it has changed, in recent years. But beware, commerce before the internet and the advent of large shopping centers is over. It must adapt. Knowing that city centers will not disappear. Demand has simply become more qualitative, people want to have fun. Even if there is enough for everyone, do not hesitate to go up in There’s no point in offering low-end loss leaders. That’s not what customers are looking for when they come here.”

“Covid has changed consumption patterns”

An observation also made by Frédéric Silva: “The Covid has changed consumption patternshe says. People prefer to pay a little more but let it be fine. Béziers is becoming more and more attractive. In the three years since I moved in, I have seen the percentage of vacant commercial premises decrease.”

If some complain that parking in town is not easy, on the side of the merchants’ association, we assure you that it is “A false problem. When people want to come, they come! The car parks are there and they are never full.”

During various commercial operations, such as the Grand Bazaar, a huge sale of winter products, the City and merchants also offer up to three hours of parking in free underground car parks. Enough to attract more people to the city center and its shops.

In order to make it more and more attractive, the merchants’ association is working on animation projects. In May, the invitation of the players of the ASBH will be part of it. But while waiting to talk about Ovalie, it’s around the Grand Bazaar that we still do our shopping this Saturday.

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