Despite 4,000 euros per month, this family cannot buy a house near Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, Cédric and Leslie, parents of two children, struggle to find accommodation. (©Odyssey Films)

This Sunday, April 3, 2022, from 9:10 p.m., M6 broadcast a number Restricted zone entitled “Low wages and great inequalities: the fall of a middle class”. A Gironde family, struggling to find adequate accommodation, is featured in this report.

“Cédric and Leslie may have won €4,000 per monththey feel impoverished. Parents of two children, they live in a village in 25 kilometers from Bordeaux. Tenants, they now have to leave their house, but to go where? No doubt even further from their place of work, ”presents the program.

In this case, this couple in their forties moved into Gironde in 2019, more specifically at Saucatesfollowing a professional transfer of Mr. Works supervisor in the construction industry, he left Seine-et-Marne with his small family, where they owned a large house in the countryside, to start a new job in Pessac.

Victims of real estate inflation

“At the beginning, we chose to be tenants. We didn’t know the region at all and after we moved, I had to find a job,” says Leslie, who works in insurance.

Since then, this 42-year-old woman has found a job in Mérignac, in the same geographical area as her husband, and the family would now like to buy a house to settle permanently in the south-west of Bordeaux, but real estate inflation is compromising their plans. .

“If we had known, we would have bought when we arrived three years ago. Meanwhile, prices have risen considerably around Saucats. We can no longer afford a standard house for a family of four, with a small garden. Properties that were sold for 300,000 euros have gone to 350,000 euros,” Leslie despairs.

Certainly, there is worse… In France, more than four million people are not or badly housed according to a report by the Abbé Pierre Foundation published in 2022.

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“There is nothing more we can do”

But while she was the owner for years in Ile-de-France, the mother saw this new situation as a downgrade. “The middle classes, we can do nothing more. Even buying a house has become too expensive. We work to pay, pay, and we never profit. We can’t have fun, ”she says.

Of course, there would be the solution of moving away from Bordeaux to have prices more in line with their budget, but the couple rejected this possibility out of hand: “In three years, we had time to rebuild a life in Saucats. How to explain to our daughter that she has to change college when she has just made friends here? »

As a result, the family is waiting for real estate prices to go down again. “During this time, we are not moving forward. As the banks are willing to follow us for a mortgage only if we have a large contribution and no other loan in parallel, we refrain from buying a new car. Even if it has 200,000 kilometers on the clock…”

In fact, the mother of the family wants at all costs to become a landlord again in order to anticipate the future, to listen to her: “When we see what pensions we will be entitled to, I say to myself: “If I am still a tenant at 65 , what am I going to become ? ” It worries me… “

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