“I want to transmit the culture of shoes” – Pierre-Luc Vigneault

BUSINESS. More than ever, the market is influenced by web culture, trends and associations between stars from all walks of life with various products. Pierre-Luc Vigneault developed a passion for shoes and created his Drummondville company, The Hypeclub, at just 19 years old.

Around the age of 13, Pierre-Luc Vigneault had already begun to take an interest in the buying and selling business when he was collecting hockey cards. Time passed and his passion for business only increased.

“I love fashion and influences. I identified with these waves and that’s what brought me to “Sneaker Con”, a convention of shoe retailers from all over the world. I was intrigued and that’s also where I bought my first pair of shoes, Adidas Yeezy 350s, whose design was done by Kanye West,” says the young entrepreneur who admits having paid $700. for his shoes.

Slowly, Pierre-Luc Vigneault learned the basics and subtleties of the trade before officially going into business.

“I was in Montreal and, on the street, a guy wanted to buy me my (shoes) Yeezy that I had in my feet! It was then that I saw that there was a market and I began to dig into the subject,” added Mr. Vigneault.

The Notre-Dame Street store has more than 220 pairs of shoes. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

Using Instagram, Facebook and other means of communication, he begins to sell more and more shoes, which poses a storage problem. “My mother didn’t understand why I was buying so many shoes! I piled it up, but I knew I was to sell my stocks, ”he said.

Business was going so well that he decided to test a permanent point of sale on rue Saint-Pierre. “I sublet the premises to acquaintances for two months. To my surprise, there was a queue outside the store on opening day. People had slept on the sidewalk. It warmed my heart to see that. It was encouraging.”

Even if Drummondville does not yet understand the culture of this type of business, a move has begun towards Notre-Dame Street. With the help of a friend for the launch of the company and the family contribution for the preparation of the premises, Pierre-Luc Vigneault was ready to invade the Quebec market.

“I want to pass on the shoe culture. People don’t understand why a shoe can cost $700 and an identical one will be worth $2,000. With my expertise, I can educate and explain the little details (logo, seams, exclusives) that make such a big difference,” explained Mr. Vigneault.

The new place of business exhibits more than 220 different pairs of shoes, including the Nike banner and the Jordan series. We must add the limited editions and special collaborations that make the shoes become models that are highly sought after.

“People come to touch and see the products. They are everywhere. At the same time, they ensure that they are authentic. My employees are well trained. Here, there is no counterfeit, I reassure you!”, he concluded.

Collectible clothing, “vintage” items and accessories are also on display at The Hypeclub Drummondville.

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