More than 16,000 Swiss households ready to welcome refugees from Ukraine –

Switzerland is experiencing a rare surge of solidarity. Many private individuals have already signed up to welcome Ukrainians fleeing their country into their homes. More than 16,000 households have registered so far: this represents approximately 40,000 beds made available to private individuals.

Hundreds of refugees from Ukraine have already arrived in Switzerland, fleeing the war in their country. So far, Switzerland has registered 1,314 of them in its federal centres, which have 5,000 places. But this photograph is probably incomplete.

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Registrations of individuals and individuals to welcome refugees continue to flow, indicates the Swiss Organization for Aid to Refugees (OSAR). The NGO is responsible for finding accommodation places for Ukrainians. It collaborates with partners, in particular the organization Campax. To welcome one, one or more refugees, all you have to do is fill out an online form.

The cantons are also organizing themselves. The canton of Vaud communicated on Monday on its preparations for the arrival of refugees. The Etablissement vaudois d’accueil des migrants (EVAM) is in the process of collecting registrations from households wishing to welcome one or more people.

Several criteria

The OSAR has set several criteria for welcoming refugees. The most important point is to provide a separate and independent bedroom. A sofa bed installed in the living room does not do the trick. The organization explains that it is essential to have a place of privacy to retire alone or with family.

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Another criterion: a bathroom, ideally reserved for the guests. Refugees should also be able to use a kitchen independently. The hosts undertake to house these people for at least three months. The house should not be too isolated and should be close to a public transport stop.

Question of compensation

To land in private reception centres, people who are nationals of Ukraine must register with a federal asylum centre. It is from there that the choice of the place of reception will be made, also taking into account the wishes of the refugees. If they have acquaintances or family in an area, for example.

The competent authorities will then contact the individuals and individuals registered to confirm their wish to welcome someone and to check the conditions of the accommodation.

The whole process is still taking place. The cantons will also have to specify the question of compensation for those who open their homes to these Ukrainians fleeing the war.

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