Municipales de Perpignan – Campaign accounts: How the private sector financed Jean-Marc Pujol’s campaign

By collecting 185,000 in donations from individuals, the outgoing but beaten LR mayor, Jean-Marc Pujol financed his campaign like no other candidate.

How much did his campaign cost?

183,156 euros with costs incurred mainly in electoral propaganda documents (136,474 €), in telephony and telecommunications (11,364 €) as well as in the use of communication agencies (11,160 €).

How was it funded?

Outgoing mayor of the Republicans of Perpignan, Jean-Marc Pujol financed his campaign like no other candidate. Indeed, it received €185,050 in donations, through 90 individuals paying between €100 and €4,600. His party contributed €20,000 to the campaign. It should be noted that by this method of financing, it could not therefore benefit from a reimbursement from the State, since the potentially reimbursable sum is lower than the donations from individuals received.

The main lines

For his second municipal campaign in Perpignan as head of the list, Jean-Marc Pujol largely apes that of 2014 when he succeeded in beating Louis Aliot in the second round thanks to the Republican front. Thus, the outgoing LR mayor occupies the same campaign premises in the city center, a stone’s throw from Place Bardou-Job. The campaign documents are not very different, iconographically speaking, from the previous campaign. On the other hand, their volumes and the efforts in the display are much greater. A garage is even rented, €1,200 for 8 months, in order to store the equipment. Just like his competitor in the 2nd round, he chooses to go through an expert company in sending messages. 38,000 numbers are contacted with a view to mobilization in the second round. Cost of the operation: €6,000. Another expense, on January 24, when the candidate called on a former actor, speaking and personal image coach based in Paris, for the sum of €1,800. He works on the list’s political positioning, campaign themes and slogans as well as field communication. Several other consulting establishments are mandated, such as the company Tretonine, based in Montpellier and Perpignan, which is in charge of digital strategy, editorial identity and management of social networks throughout the duration of the campaign between November 2019 and June 2020. Amount of the invoice: €9,360. Finally, we also note an amount of €1,000 in connection with the service of a draftsman who produces perspectives of the tramway in Perpignan, measures the candidate’s face, and which will be affixed to the propaganda documents.

Unusual expenses

Coffees are for me. If the food costs are limited in the campaign team to the tune of €6,200, it remains that it is also in small part thanks to the generosity of the restaurateurs who receive Jean-Marc Pujol and his running mate. It is not uncommon for expense receipts to show small gestures for coffee or glasses of champagne. With regard to the proof of food expenses of the other candidates, we do not observe such a situation. The disallowed expense On March 17, a team poster-sticker was flashed as he ran a red light. The fine is €135, reduced to €90 in the case of a payment. It is accounted for in the campaign accounts before the commission rejects this expense on the grounds that it is not naturally“intended to obtain votes”.

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