Nested Finance: In full growth, the project tackles Elon Musk

Have you ever heard of the Nested Finance project? In recent months, its popularity rating has increased considerably in the ranks of investors who predict good prognoses for its future. According to them, the decentralized finance project has a bright future ahead of it because of its particularities, in particular the innovations it brings to the sector. What are these innovations? Why is this project beginning to attract investors? Answers.

The innovative concept of copytrading

Nested Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project launched in April 2021 by Rudy Kadoch. It’s here first social trading platform found in the area. It is for this reason that it is unique and constitutes a boon for investors. With Nested Finance, users can place up to 12 digital assets in an NFTthe Nested Wallet.

Once the placement of digital assets is made, each user receives an NFT that exactly represents the contents of their portfolio. The concept is rather revolutionary. In fact, the main contribution of the project in the sphere of DeFi lies in the concept of copytrading that it created. He further democratizes the use of NFTsmaking them more accessible and convenient for everyone.

About his project, Rudy Kadoch said: “Ten years ago you could buy cryptocurrencies, but when Coinbase came along, their plan was to democratize cryptocurrencies through a beautiful user experience. This is exactly what we want to do with Nested: democratize DeFi through simplicity”.

Nested Finance’s nice tackle on Elon Musk’s SpaceX

To date, Nested Finance is not yet a year old. Nevertheless, the project has already convinced thousands of investors around the world. Last month, the team leading the project obtained $7.5 million in fundraising on the occasion of a series A. C funding round, what is remarkable is that major investors took part: Alan Howard, Kenetic Capital, Republic Capital and CMT Digital among others.

Obviously, investors have not finished showing their particular interest in the project. The statistics clearly demonstrate this. Just the past month 30,000 new Nested wallets were created, which corresponds on average to 40 to 120 wallets created per hour. Given the growing popularity it enjoys, the platform did not hesitate to skillfully tackle Elon Musk on Twitter for his SpaceX project.

“Look at these statistics in just one month! Hey, Elon Muks, we challenge SpaceX rockets to do better. Why aim for the moon when you can get an entire galaxy? “.

Nested Finance is a DeFi project that is starting to gain popularity and reach a new audience. As more and more people are interested in it, Rudy Kadoch, its creator announces that the coming years, the expansion of the project will be even more remarkable considering the plans of the team.

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