Regional Economic Committee: securing supplies to Réunion – Economy

Regional Economic Committee: securing supplies to Réunion – Economy
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“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine opened a cycle of instability for the entire global economy”

Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Region, the State, the Department and representatives of “economic actors” met yesterday morning in the Region within the framework of a Regional Economic Committee relating to the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the supply of Reunion by road maritime. Here are the various announcements and decisions indicated in a press release from the Region released yesterday.

“The President of the Region Huguette Bello brought together this Friday, April 1, 2022 the economic actors for a Regional Economic Committee organized in the presence of the Prefect Jacques Billant and the Department. This working meeting was devoted to the disruptions caused by supply difficulties due to maritime transport issues and the war in Europe.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine opened a cycle of instability for the entire global economy. The unprecedented period that is opening forces Reunion to demonstrate not only resilience, but also innovation and adaptation of operating methods in a context of crisis. »

Securing supply and measures for companies

“The priority at the moment is securing supplies from Reunion. It calls for collective work initiated this morning by the regional authority and the State.

The Prefect presented the resilience plan put in place by the State which includes, in particular, a strengthening of the tariff shield for households, support for companies through the deferral of social and tax debts, the activation of partial unemployment and the implementation of the theory of unpredictability.

For its part, the Department is committed to strengthening its support for farmers, particularly on the issue of agricultural inputs. »

Port development in progress

“For its part, the Réunion Region is working on the implementation of a series of exceptional and adapted measures to respond quickly to a situation which is likely to be long-term, in the spirit of the aid put in place during the Covid crisis. In addition, the regional authority has already taken strong action alongside the State, the Departmental Council and the TCO so that the development of the rear port area allows rapid decongestion of the Grand Port. »

Decisions taken

“This morning, the Regional Economic Committee approved the setting up of a monitoring unit by the State, the Region and the Department. It will meet bi-monthly, in conjunction with the economic world.

Finally, the President of the Region has made the commitment to meet periodically with the Regional Economic Committee in order to guarantee the effectiveness of this space for consultation and exchange, which is all the more essential during this period. »

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