The assurance of running the bar

1.SaturdayIt has happened more than once that we have been questioned about our motivation to talk about SK Ronse every week. The last, it must have been at the beginning of the year:“Come on, Ronse, it’s still a Flemish club!”In any case, it’s a club located in Flanders, we grant you that, but at the Leuzesesteenweg, we were always well received, and in French moreover. This is why we have always enjoyed going there because, for generations, the lawn of the Orphale Crucke stadium has seen players from our region parade through it. Go ask for the memories that Fabien Delbeeke, Luc Paul, Johan Devos, Sven Leleux, Julien Désire, Luc Baas and other Marvin Foucart have of their seasons in Renais! Unfortunately, we always say that all good things must come to an end and the end of SK is for tomorrow! Like a lord, arrived with great fanfare despite his setbacks in Antwerp and Zulte, triumphant money and promises of greatness to match, Patrick Decuyper buried a club he said“cherish”given its origins in Renais and“wanting to grow”with a center of excellence project in mind. It was three years ago, at a time when if we had mentioned a total engulfment of the SK by the modest neighbor of Vlaamse Ardennen, we would have been laughed at:“Little comedian!”And yet, here we are and there is absolutely nothing comical about it!

2.SundayWe’re not going to lie to each other: between the Green Country and Tournai, the football derby was blah. In the stands, it was not the great enthusiasm:“Is that D3?”From then on, when we saw Jean-François Bourlart hurtling down the stands with long strides, two rows of seats at a time, we wondered what fly had bitten Charles’ dad.“We did it, but we did it”,he said, shaking the son, the Ath player. Let’s not exaggerate: a 0-0 against such a Tournai, we must minimize the scope of the exploit! Then, we remembered that beyond being a football fan, Jean-François is a cycling team manager. And there, neither one nor two, in the head, it clicked: cycling, racing, Wanty, Ghent-Wevelgem, victory…“But yes, the kid did”,exclaimed the Isiérois. Are you laughing or what? Biniam Girmay won Flanders Fields, but no?“Yes, he has checked out the Jumbos!”Brilliant even if it kills us the replay of the race that we had planned to do on the return from football…

3.MondayWe had our first football champion: Luingne B in P4! Sacred season and sacred celebration on the ground, then in the cafeteria of Escanaffles B, a guest of the day delighted to have been… beaten considering the pretty bar recipe made thanks to the euphoric Cleugnottes. This next weekend is… Luingne A who can already be champion in P2 if he wins on Saturday and if Enghien does not win the next day at Péruwelz B, whose committee has motivated his troops like never before to Sunday, feeling the smoking blow to achieve: beat the Enghiennois, who will stay anyway to drink one, to give the title to the Luingnois who will have made the trip to the Verte Chasse in order to party just in case… Ne dit you not smart like a Péruwelzien?

4.TuesdayWe are literally stunned by what we have just learned: Miss Belgium is a football fan and supporter of Mouscron! But yes, you are reading correctly: Chayenne Van Aarle, newly elected the prettiest in the kingdom, has a passion for Excel. But what an idea! Would the Antwerp flight attendant be high? In fact, no, she likes Mouscron but just the U16 group, in which her little brother Shane plays. To all the cannonballs of the Canonnier who already saw themselves there: there is no chance of seeing the beauty on a seat in the screaming stadium, scarf around the club of the neck! Wearing two scarves doesn’t make sense anyway…

5.WednesdayWe stay at the Canonnier because there is finally some news: the Excel has been rejected by the license commission, for lack of a serious buyer! Have you noticed that no one even cares anymore? Well yes, it’s just seasonal: logical, expected, normal!

6.ThusdayWe are still staying at Excel because we saw an announcement that made us laugh before Sunday’s trip to Virton. She comes from a group of supporters:“There are still a few seats left in the… minibus.” Say, there is a risk of jostling in the block reserved for visiting spectators…

7.FridayBut what a joke, this snow on April 1st! This caused lively discussions this morning at the start in Antoing of the Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux: should the start be banned and teams which have not provided snow tires for their riders disqualified? Safety first!

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