The Chamber of Commerce of Portugal in Morocco launches its new regional branch in Tangier

An important step in its development and its role as interlocutor and facilitator

Since its creation in 2015, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Portugal in Morocco (CCISPM) continues to work for the rapprochement and the development of economic relations between Portugal and Morocco. It is in these terms that spoke José Maria Teixeira, President of the Chamber, during the launching ceremony of the new regional delegation of the said Chamber, organized, Wednesday, March 31, in Tangier. The opening of this regional branch is presented as “a fundamental step in the development of the Chamber and our role as interlocutor and facilitator for bringing together entrepreneurs from the two countries”, he said.

Mr. Teixeira said that the geographical and cultural proximity as well as the complementary links between Morocco and Portugal constitute real assets that the two countries must capitalize and develop to create investment opportunities for Moroccan and Portuguese companies. The speaker continued that these opportunities go through a better mutual knowledge of their markets and the constant optimization of tools and international support, but also through partnerships, which could translate into investments in a broader geographical horizon. . “We continue to work to bring businesses from our two countries closer together and help strengthen economic relations between Portugal and Morocco,” Teixeira said.

Considered among the most attractive destinations for investors, Tangier has become, according to the speaker, over the years a hub of the automotive and aeronautical industry thanks to its reception platforms and the Tanger-Med port through its area. frank logistics, Tanger automotive city (TAC). With all these hosting platforms, the CCISPM has launched this regional delegation, which has “as its main objective to ensure continuity of the services of the Chamber by developing economic relations between Portugal and the region of Tangier, supporting Portuguese companies in their investment approaches and encouraging Moroccan companies to get closer to the Portuguese market”, said Mr. Teixeira, before adding that the future is “very buoyant for many sectors of activity, where there is a true compatibility between the two economies”.

According to the organizers, Morocco presents many opportunities for Portuguese companies and for the strengthening of partnerships between companies of the two countries, given the major infrastructure projects, clean and renewable energy, agriculture and 4-0 agro-industry, textiles and clothing, mechanics, metallurgy and the pharmaceutical sector. With the foundation of very solid political relations between the Kingdom and Portugal, “we want our relations to develop even further, it is on the way”, said Bernardo Futscher Pereira, Portuguese Ambassador to Morocco.

He said that the two-way tourism development movement was already well advanced before the pandemic. The two countries can therefore resume, he said, their forces so that the two peoples know each other better and know the opportunities that arise there to get closer. “All the conditions are met for our relations to flourish even more in the years to come,” said Mr. Pereira, noting that the opening of the CCISPM regional delegation in Tangier is extremely important to help achieve this goal.
Remember that as part of its development strategy, the CCISPM aims to open new representations in the main cities of the Kingdom.

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