Adeline Boudou opens this Monday the bakery Les Délices du Rougier

Manager since 2010 of the artisanal biscuit factory “Les Délices du Rougier” located in Briols, in the town of Montlaur, Adeline Boudou decided, a few months ago, to take the plunge and make her dream come true: open her own bakery. It was in the former premises of the Crayssac Cuisines company, near the Vieux bridge, along the departmental road, that the young 42-year-old entrepreneur decided to launch her project.

A new stage in the career of this mother of three children who, after a 10-year career in education, chose to embark on a major shift in her life 12 years ago.

A renowned biscuit factory

His adventure began in 2010, at local fairs and markets. Over the years, the manufacturing workshop is structured and the range of products expands to establish itself permanently with, now, a wide distribution in Occitania and France in nearly 250 points of sale, mainly in delicatessens. A success and a local reputation reinforced by a collaboration for several years already with Michel Bras, famous starred chef from Aveyron.

Briols is the village of my life, but the possibility of settling and developing in Vabres, with more traffic and visibility, is a great opportunity. This new business is a real choice to work and offer authentic and quality products.”

Holder of a bakery CAP since 2017, Adeline Boudou also intends, through this new project, to highlight the spirit of enterprise and craftsmanship, especially among young people. Values ​​in which she believes and which are reflected in her commitment to the Aveyron Chamber of Trades, where she has been elected since 2021.

A pop-up shop made it possible to test

In order to shape her new business in the market garden town, Adeline Boudou first proposed, during the end-of-year celebrations, a pop-up shop in her new premises, to present her products and meet her future customers. “These few days of opening have been very enriching, I felt a real expectation and received a very warm welcome, with many positive remarks which confirmed my choice.”

While the development work for this new business is coming to an end, the entire team at this new Vabraise gourmet address (6 employees including a pastry chef and a baker recently recruited) are fine-tuning the setting up of the premises, where the workshop of production will adjoin the shop space. “Everything will be homemade, on site”, specifies Adeline Boudou who wishes, beyond a bakery and pastry shop, that this new business also becomes a real place to live.

A bread distributor and a terrace

“We will also offer the sale of tobacco, drinks, coffee, local local products, and of course our savory and sweet biscuit products. We will set up a small outdoor terrace to be able to share a drink with family or friends, and will organize sometimes evenings with music and tapas.”

Among the short-term projects, the entrepreneur is already working on an offer of savory capuchins, designed by the Bras family, which she intends to offer in stores, embellished with aligot or truffade. And on the occasion of Easter, as tradition dictates, it is the gimbelettes that will take their place in the window.

“We will also offer Wifi access, and outside the shop, a bread vending machine which will be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

The opening of the store is set for Monday, April 4, from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. non-stop, Monday to Friday, and Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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