Lions Club international: the Lions of Ouaga Rubis ready to roar against hunger

Ouaga Ruby Lions ready to serve

District 403 A3 welcomed a newborn into its midst with the consecration of the Lions Club Ouagadougou Rubis. The official charter ceremony took place on Friday, April 1, 2022, in Ouagadougou, under the chairmanship of the District Governor Monhamed JI Compaoré and the co-sponsorship provided by the Past President of the Board of Governors, Lassiné Diawara and the coordinator of LCIF, Nina Néssiné Korsaga/Somé.

The large Lions family of District 403 A3 has grown with the integration within it of 60and club. This is the Lions Club Ouagadougou Rubis, which was created on February 17, 2022 and officially consecrated on Friday 1East April 2022, with the blessing of District Governor Monhamed JI Compaoré.

The President of Ouagadougou Rubis, Prudence Julie Nignan-Somda

Ouagadougou Rubis is made up of 100% women who are 23 in number. It is the fourth 100% women club in the large Lions family of District 403 A3, proudly assured Governor Monhamed JI Compaoré, president of the ceremony of consecration. It is also the third club to have been created under his governance. It is therefore with joy that he welcomed the birth of this newborn. “Be happy to belong to the largest service club in the world. We wish you a cordial welcome”, he declared to the new members of Ouaga Rubis. “You will join other women leaders in our Association,” he then assured.

These 23 women leaders and impact who have just committed to serve with the heart, have chosen as president, the lawyer by training, Ms. Prudence Julie Nignan/Somda. His club has set itself the task of fighting against hunger, with the main target being pregnant women and vulnerable people.

The sponsors of the ceremony, PPCG Lassiné Diawara and Nina Néssiné Korsaga-Somé

For the President, this area of ​​intervention was chosen in view of the national context marked by many challenges. “At the national level, people displaced by insecurity suffer, among other things, from hunger. In addition to these internally displaced persons, there are other vulnerable people such as pregnant women and street children. When we look at all this misery, as mothers, women, citizens of Burkina Faso, we have chosen to give them a smile through our modest contribution by fighting against hunger, allowing them to have at least one meal a day , because they are citizens who have rights that must be respected”, developed Prudence Julie Nignan / Somda.

She affirmed all the will and determination of Ouagadougou Rubis to show solidarity with the vulnerable layers, to give, hand on heart, without counting: all the symbol of lionism. The president did not fail to express her gratitude to the great Lions family, especially to all those who honored the club’s consecration ceremony with their presence. She also thanked the Governor of District 403 A3, Monhamed JI Compaoré, the two sponsors, the Past Chairman of the Board of Governors (PPCG), Lassiné Diawara and the LCIF coordinator, Nina Néssiné Korsaga/Somé, as well as their guiding Lions. and the Sponsor Club which is Ouaga Oasis.

Ida Toé-Bonzi receiving the honorary award of the international president from the hands of Governor Monhamed JI Compaoré

The sponsors, for their part, hailed, through the voice of the PPCG, Lassiné Diawara, the leadership, the determination and the commitment of these “visionary” women who created this club to integrate “the largest philanthropic association in the world”. . “Dear goddaughters, in a world increasingly in search of landmarks, I invite you to create and develop a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding and work to promote them around you in the face of the decay of social and republican values, ( ….) to promote the principles of love of neighbour. Friendship and solidarity should be at the heart of your actions”, these are among other pieces of advice that the members of Ouaga Rubis received from their sponsors who showered them with words of congratulations.

The representative of the Guiding Lions, Ida Toé/Bonzi admits that (their) goddaughters have all the assets to succeed. “Our goddaughters will be like their guiding Lions, passionate and happy to serve,” she assured.

Swearing in of members of the new Ouaga Rubis club

The charter night was marked by presentations of recognition gifts from members of the new club to their sponsors, guides and the Governor. Ida Toé/Bonzi also received an exceptional award, directly from the international president of the Lions Club. This is the Certificate of Appreciation, a high-level award that testifies to the recognition of Ms. Toé’s merits by the International President.

By Siaka CISSE (Trainee)

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