Philippe Rio: “A saving of 10 billion euros for local authorities would have deadly consequences”

Philippe Rio: “A saving of 10 billion euros for local authorities would have deadly consequences”
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This campaign is an opportunity for the right to advocate a return to austerity. Emmanuel Macron speaks, for example, of a saving of 10 billion euros over the five-year term for local authorities. What do you think of these proposals and what would be the consequences?

It is a ”has been” vision, anachronistic and dangerous. I knew we were gonna pay the “whatever it takes” – and for communities, these 10 billion would be a head-on shock. The consequences would be deadly: it would weaken the nation, would open a new war between the territories. It’s as if Emmanuel Macron had forgotten the yellow vests. It also heralds the death of local public services, those closest to our fellow citizens. This vision of liberal orthodoxy is not just an accounting problem, it prevents us from building the future on major issues, in particular solidarity and ecological transition. However, the report of IPCC affirms it: 50% of this transition is done locally.

On this subject, like Marine Le Pen or Valérie Pécresse, the Head of State recommends abolishing what are called production taxes, in particular the CVAE, which communities collect. As for the housing tax, in 2017. What does this reveal about relations with local elected officials?

The first five-year term was marked by a relationship of mistrust with local elected officials and the French. There, it would be the second sequence: a declaration of war on the territories and the end of decentralization. I insist: this would weaken the nation. During the health crisis, communities were on the front line. These 10 billion, we can get them elsewhere than in the pockets of communities, period.

Concretely, in your city of Grigny, what would be the consequences of a new austerity cure?

Let’s take the example of school catering, for which we favor quality and proximity, not to mention the free breakfasts. This is a very important element, both for children and for the issue of food sovereignty. But I have already been told: “Mr. Rio, it’s not mandatory, why don’t you save some money?” » We should perhaps stop summer camps, no longer subsidize sports clubs on the eve of the Olympic Games… Especially since I already foresee, in 2022, an increase in gas and electricity expenditure of 600,000 euros, which represents the surplus from last year. Tomorrow, without this money, I would have to invest much less: redo a road, build a new school, set up intelligent public lighting… I don’t understand employers: who is going to fill the order books of companies? Macron is like Sarkozy after the 2008 crisis, nothing new: he is not disruptive, he is ”has been”. We are players in the real economy, the territories are one of the keys to responding to the country’s challenges. In this period, it is dangerous to accelerate spatial fragmentation and social cohesion.

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