Rising demand: strong enthusiasm for health insurance

Mauritians are increasingly aware of the need to take out insurance in the event of illness or accident. Moreover, insurance companies note a strong enthusiasm.

Edifying observation. In 2021, Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd saw 60% growth for its health insurance plans alone. A trend that other insurance companies are seeing. The Covid-19 pandemic is no stranger to this.

Per day, reveals the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marie Annick Pamela Bussier, Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd receives more than 10 requests for health insurance plans from individuals. “This segment represents almost 20% of our portfolio. ” she says.

At SICOM, the demand for health insurance plans has tripled. “Since the pandemic, we have seen more interest and three times more inquiries for medical/health insurance,” says Ashvin Sookenram, Manager- Property & Casualty.

How to explain this phenomenon ? “We have learned that more and more Mauritian families are opting for private health care,” replies Ashvin Sookenram. “Our clients value the personal care, comfort and privacy that private healthcare facilities provide. And they usually choose to insure their family as well,” he points out. And then, he adds, the tax deduction aspect makes it even more desirable to be covered by insurance.

This is confirmed by the CEO of Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd. The medical coverage offered by the company, explains Marie Annick Pamela Bussier, was designed mainly to cover hospitalizations and medical expenses, consultations, dental and optical care. These covers are popular with the public. “This is mainly due to the flexibility of our product, the rapid complaint resolution mechanism and our online portal for submitting claims. »

Better still, Mauritian insurance companies are adapting to the requirements of the Covid-19 health and economic crisis. This is how Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd offers optional coverage. In particular, “Wellness” coverage and Covid-19 home care, available through its service providers such as a home doctor. Thanks to this coverage, doctors have visited and treated around 100 patients with symptoms of Covid-19 since December 2021.

Competitive prices

The premium to be paid for health insurance is calculated according to a number of criteria, such as the coverage limit chosen, age, number of insured persons, the state of health of the insured person and the way of life. As this market is very competitive, each company competes to offer competitive prices, it is understood.

Given the situation, SICOM currently offers the possibility of having monthly contributions per person ranging from around Rs 700 to around Rs 3,000 depending on the preferred health insurance scheme.

The health insurance products of Jubilee Insurance (Mauritius) Ltd vary between Rs 600 and Rs 3,500 per month depending on the different options chosen. Marie Annick Pamela Bussier explains that her company offers tailor-made options to companies and individuals who can choose their insurance plan according to their needs and budget.

Previously insured members must submit their claims history and details of their current coverage in order to benefit from a proper transition from the previous insurer. However, if the insured has a pre-existing condition, this is not covered. Or a waiting period is applicable for the disease in question depending on the severity of the pre-existing conditions, she said.


Neha Teeluck, mother-to-be: “A great financial help”

Neha Teeluck has medical insurance that includes inpatient and outpatient, and catastrophe. His insurance is Rs 30,000 per year. She subscribed to it two years ago, shortly after her marriage because she and her husband wanted to start a family.

She waited about a year to be able to benefit from the advantages that the insurance offers to expectant mothers. Neha Teeluck says it helps her a lot financially; the plan covers every visit to the clinic, whether for gynecological consultations, at the dentist and at the dermatologist. “My monthly medications (prenatal pills, prenatal pills, iron pills) are the only thing I have to pay for and blood tests. »

The biggest expense to come will be at the time of delivery. Thanks to her cover, the future mother is serene. “I am relieved and can’t wait to meet my little one, knowing that he will be taken care of safely, thanks to my medical insurance. Life is unpredictable, so it is advisable to take out medical insurance. »

Good to know

An insurance plan can be subscribed by a family, an individual or a company that wishes to insure its employees. According to the insurance manager of a private company, the conditions of the contract, such as the limit of coverage, waiting times and exceptions, i.e. illnesses not covered, depend on the insurance plan. selected.

Health insurance reimburses the costs incurred during medical treatment according to the terms of the contract taken out and the fixed scale. This mainly concerns medical consultations, analyzes and prescribed medication, childbirth, hospitalization, surgery and dental care.

That said, the insured must contribute several months to benefit from their health insurance. And up to a year in the case of pregnancy, an operation and for optical costs. In some cases, the cost of 20% is borne by the patient, it is specified.

Certain treatments and illnesses are not reimbursable. Pre-existing health conditions are generally not accepted and if a case is, additional conditions and costs often apply. The customer must therefore be well informed because each insurance company has its own criteria and offers. Their objective is to obtain more customers and to satisfy them while preserving the reputation of the brand, specifies the Insurance Manager.

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