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Less than a week before the first round of the presidential election, the support committees created in Martinique are holding their breath. They all believe in the chances of their respective candidate, while awaiting the results of Sunday April 10 at the end of the 1st round. In Martinique, as in several other overseas territories, the vote will take place the day before.

The now daily polls are pushing the support committees to redouble their efforts to mobilize their respective voters, less than a week before the first round of this supreme election. In Martinique, as everywhere else in France, most candidates have their local representatives.

Emanuel Macron, candidate for his own succession who declared himself late, gave his first and probably only meeting this Saturday, April 02, 2022, at the Nanterre Arena in the Paris suburbs. In Martinique, the campaign of the one who still leads the race in several polls, officially began on March 12 in Saint-Pierre.

But the end of this meeting was disrupted by opponents. The mayor of the “city of art and history”, Christian Rapha, has decided to give his vote to the outgoing president who is seeking a second term. His counterparts Bruno-Nestor Azerot from Sainte-Marie, Ralph Monplaisir from Case-Pilote and Joseph Péraste from Marigot have made the same choice.

A group of citizens, going beyond traditional divisions, bringing together local elected officials and civil society actors, supports Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy in Martinique.

Philippe Poutou, the anti-capitalist candidate can count on the GRS (Socialist Revolution Group) to relay his ideas at the local level.

In Martinique as in France, we must organize ourselves, unite in resistance, seek together the path to a fairer, more democratic, more fraternal society.

The GRS and & the support committee of P. Poutou (Alfred Fontaine, Philippe Pierre-Charles, Jacqueline Tally, Marcel Sellaye…)

Nathalie Arthaud (Lutte Ouvrier), is supported by “Combat Ouvrier”.

It is she who says that the economic system in which we live has already had its day. It needs to be radically transformed.

Ghislaine Joachin-Arnaud – Worker Combat

Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party), is supported by the FSM (Socialist Federation of Martinique) and the PPM. In a press release dated March 30, the Martinican Progressive Party invites Martinicans to “enforcing their right to vote, an essential action to keep democracy alive”. The party recalled its “progressive left line” and his “ethical and humanistic values”.

The secretary general of the PPM, Johnny Hajjar, thus justifies the support of the “national committee” for the candidate Anne Hidalgo of the Socialist Party, “to remain faithful and loyal” to their political commitment.

Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecologie – Les Verts), is supported by “Martinique Ecologie”. Louis Boutrin also plays the card of loyalty to his ecological convictions, believing that the leader of the greens in France, “will be able to trigger the processes of ecological transition and social justice that are essential to the long-awaited change”.

Valerie Pécresse (Les Républicains), is supported by two local committees that are fighting over the legitimacy of representation on the island. The “united committee with Valérie” is particularly active on social networks, in particular on the Facebook page Les Républicains de Martinique.

Valérie Pécresse advances and makes her proposals to the French. Concrete, applicable and corresponding to the expectations of a new France.

Facebook The Republicans of Martinique

Marine Le Pen (Rassemblement National), is supported by “Rassemblement National Martinique”

Marine Le Pen President, will be the only one to lower the cost of living by reforming the dock dues.

Martinique National Rally

Jean-Luc Melenchon (La France Insoumise), has a support committee called “La Martinique Insoumise avec JLM”. But he is also supported by “Péyi-A”, the young sovereignist political organization.

For the advent of a new Republic capable of guaranteeing true democracy, a fairer social, ecological and economic policy, as well as, above all, new relations with the “Overseas”.

The co-presidents of Péyi-A, Marcelin Nadeau & Jean-Philippe Nilor

Fabien Roussel (Communist Party), unsurprisingly received early support from the “Parti Communiste Martiniquais (PCM)” and its newspaper “Justice”.

He never ceases to challenge the government on all issues specific to Martinique (chlordecone, hospital situation, retirement of farmers and agricultural workers, economic situation, etc.).

Martinican Communist Party

Eric Zemmour (Reconquest), relies on two very confident committees in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

As of April 24, our new President will fight and enforce the law against separatism and will protect French women and French overseas citizens against crimes of violence against them.

Reconquest Guadeloupe and Martinique

The results after the vote of the 1st round of the presidential election in Martinique in 2017.

© Political Data

There remains an unknown feared by all the candidates: abstention. From one election to another, this citizen failure has increased, while “Electoral participation is considered one of the most characteristic features of the good health of a democratic regime” as underlined in the notebooks of the Constitutional Council N°23.

In view of this observation, “La Martinique Ensemble” represented by Senator Catherine Conconne, “calls on citizens to vote massively”but gives no instructions. LME says place “breaking away from the idea that the vote would not change anything”.

On the contrary, the 12 candidates for this presidential election have sometimes radically different visions of the world and of the policies to be implemented. We therefore want to reaffirm here that it is the citizens who have the power to set the course of our collective destiny. This is why La Martinique Ensemble has decided not to give voting instructions, except that of citizen mobilization.

Catherine Conconne – general secretary of LME

LME calls for the freedom and responsibility of everyone to make their choice in conscience”. But she “on the other hand opposes the far right (…), which represents a threat to our republican model”. This precision suddenly seems contradictory, especially since the voter remains in control of his ballot even in the secrecy of the voting booth.

As for the Martiniquais Independence Movement (the MIM), faithful to its habits, it does not give any voting instructions for the presidential election. The patriots are resolutely turned towards the legislative elections of June 2022, in particular since February 20, the date on which the “Gran Samblé Pou Matinik” alliance officially presented its 4 candidates for this national election.

This posture questions more than one, because the deputy is elected to represent the French nation and not only his constituency. As such, it participates in the exercise of national sovereignty. It votes the law and controls the action of the government.

Participation / 1st presidential round 2017

Participation rate in each municipality of Martinique, at the end of the 1st round of the 2017 presidential election.

© Political Data

In Martinique, as in several other overseas territories, the vote for the first round of the election to the Presidency of the Republic will take place on Saturday April 9, 2022.

The list of 12 candidates can be viewed HERE.

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