The Lotus Eletre, a beautiful toy with 600 horsepower

In any case, this is what the English consumer magazine “Which?” claims, which questioned the owners of nearly 58,000 cars on their reliability. It appears from the study that, for the most recent – up to 4 years – it is the electric vehicles that have the most breakdowns. Their rate is 31%, compared to 29% for diesel models and 19% for gasoline models. It all depends on the make and model in each category, but the numbers are there. Explanation: Electric cars seem simpler because there are fewer moving parts. But, they are in truth more complex because they carry more on-board electronics. The problems mainly come from the software, the 12 V starter battery and the electric braking aids with their energy recovery system. According to the study, Kia is the manufacturer that is doing the best, Tesla being on the contrary more affected by breakdowns.

In any case, good news for Nissan customers: they now have privileged access to the Ionity network.

Those who drive an electric car like the Leaf will be able to fill up with electricity for less on the ultra-fast terminals of this network, set up in particular by German manufacturers. There are 1,600 stations of this type in 24 countries, including France. The network is open to everyone at the rate of 79 euro cents per minute, without a monthly subscription. But the price is cheaper when you are one of the partners. Like Renault, Nissan therefore joins a club which also brings together Hyundai, Kia, the Volkswagen group, BMW, Mercedes and Ford.

Lotus switches to electric SUV

This week, the manufacturer of British origin – but which belongs to Chinese Geely – unveiled its first SUV, which is called Eletre. It is a sports model of 600 horses, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. Its 100 kWh battery provides a range of 400 km. And it can be recharged in 20 minutes on a 350 kW super charger. Another detail to remember: the Eletre has a lidar. It is a laser sensor which makes it possible to better identify obstacles and which will be used in conjunction with driving aids. This model, described as a hyper SUV, will be produced from 2023. It will be made in China, but keeping the Lotus spirit for lightening. The Eletre will use carbon fiber and aluminum, as well as durable materials.

Everything increases in the car, and it is also true for insurance

According to a study conducted by Assurland, the price of car insurance has risen by 16% since 2010. This is less than 33% for home insurance, and 39% for health insurance. But still. One may wonder why when accidents have decreased. In fact, this is mainly due to the much higher cost of repairs, due to technological developments on recent vehicles. Prices stagnated slightly in 2020, due to containment. It’s gone up again, but there is hope. The end of the manufacturers’ monopoly on certain spare parts could change the situation.

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