Trade. Lecourt Boutique will close permanently in Sillé-le-Guillaume

Patrick and Isabelle Lecourt would have liked to hand over their business, which they believe to be viable. ©Chafik AOUNI

A bad news never come alone. After the recent announcement of end clap from butcher’s shop of Mrs and Mr. Brokenit’s here shop from garment D‘Isabelle and Patrick Lecourt who go close its doors, in Sillé-le-Guillaume (Sarthe) without finding one buyer.

Isabelle and Patrick, 60 springs each, have business in their veins. Normal, Isabelle is the daughter of a renowned jeweler in Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Brousse family) and Patrick has always worked with his father on the markets.

The current store is called Shop Lecourt mainly served as a reserve for Patrick’s dad. In 2000, one evening of great inspiration, the couple decided to give it a real facelift and therefore make it a boutique worthy of the name. Since then, “the business has always turned out well”.

Search for a buyer without success

Isabelle, with a saleswoman at her side, knew how to respond to customers from the Pays de Sillé. His taste for beautiful things and the superb decorations of his colorful shop window were an invitation to open doors.

For his part, Patrick still criss-crosses the Sarthe and the Mayenne to sell clothes at the markets, including that of Sillé-le-Guillaume (on Wednesdays).

Time flies and three years ago, seeing retirement fast approaching, Isabelle and Patrick started looking for a buyer. Without success. Isabelle has been asserting her rights to retirement a year ago and the shop is run by an employee who happily approaches the “skittle”.

Faced with the absence of a buyer, the couple decided to sell the entire building. “That’s it, it’s sold and the buyer will not offer any commercial activity. It’s a long page that turns in Sillé because this vast building of some 400 m2 belonged to the Lecourt family for four generations”.

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Closing on May 11, 2022

Lecourt Boutique will lower the curtains on May 11. Patrick will continue his sale on the market and Isabelle will have the joy of doing the same thing three times a week, either at “Evron, Le Mans and of course, in Sillé where I will have the pleasure of meeting my customers from the Boutique “.

Pending the final closure of the store, Isabelle offers a total liquidation of the stock, from April 6, and this, for five weeks, with discounts of -50% and more.

“We are sad for the City of Sillé”

Given the quality of the clothes, men and women of Mrs. and Mr. Lecourt, a great opportunity arises to do great business.

Sad to close permanently in Sillé? “Yes, but not for us since we will continue to sell on the markets. We are sad for the City of Sillé. We would have liked the commercial activity to continue, rue Dorée opposite Florence, our friendly neighbour. Sillé is currently going through a difficult period, but we are convinced that it will start again”.

On the other hand, Patrick is much less confident for the Sillé market. “There are seven of us who are currently 60 years old, in 5-6 years, we will not be replaced”. Barring a miracle.

One thing is certain, Isabelle and her shop with shimmering colors like a spring bouquet, will be greatly missed by the inhabitants of our sector.

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