Why is it a good idea to buy dental insurance?

If many of us feel a certain reluctance to go to the dentist, it is not only for fear of needles or the noise of the drill. What do we dread above all? The cost. Especially when it turns out that the amount is much higher than we imagined.

Because indeed, a visit to the dentist is not always reimbursed by our health insurance or, in any case, not completely. There are bad surprises that leave a bitter taste in your mouth, both literally and figuratively. So to avoid a saltier note than it should be, there is a solution, yet still quite neglected in Belgium: dental care insurance.

A peaceful smile for life

It is an inexorable fact: over the years, our teeth wear out. Naturally, our visits to the dentist become more and more frequent over time, and the little worries that we prefer to put under the rug always end up resurfacing. By taking out dental care insurance early enough, you ensure the serenity of long-term care, whatever the vagaries of life, without the cold shower of the bill.

But that’s not all: dental insurance can also cover the expenses for aligning the teeth of the youngest and the not so young! Because we must not forget that indeed, beyond the age of 15, orthodontic care is no longer reimbursed by certain mutual insurance companies. So if you want a tidy smile, better ensure it in time; knowing that the bills can be around €5,000 for a discreet gutter, any financial assistance is truly welcome.

Tailor-made dental care insurance

If in Belgium, we tend to neglect dental care insurance, it is not for nothing. According to the DKV barometer of 2022, almost 4 out of 10 Belgians do not know the part reimbursed by their mutual. Between your mutual, that of your children and complementary insurance, difficult to navigate when it comes to knowing who pays what.

And yet, there is a very simple solution, suitable for all budgets and all scenarios: tailor-made dental care insurance. In Belgium, the only insurer to offer several formulas is DKV, which offers the choice between three insurances and allows you to keep peace of mind. Whether it’s a simple scaling or emergency dental care in the event of an accident, your smile will be prepared for all eventualities.

And to find your way around even more easily, DKV has even prepared a questionnaire for you to fill out online, allowing you to see things more clearly and identify exactly the insurance that best suits your needs. Because ensuring a healthy smile, after all, is not reserved for the Julia Roberts of this world!

This is advertising within the meaning of the Royal Decree of 25 April 2014 imposing certain information obligations when marketing financial products to retail clients.
For all additional information concerning the characteristics and main exclusions of these products, your rights and obligations, please consult the General Conditions and the Product Information Documents (IPID) before subscribing. These documents are available from your insurance intermediary, on or free of charge from DKV Belgium.
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