François Filoni: “Measures to solidify the economy”

François Filoni: “Measures to solidify the economy”
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Before the first round of the presidential elections, the spokesperson for the candidate of the National Rally – whose scheduled trip to the island has been canceled – presented Marine Le Pen’s proposals aimed at reviving activity and fighting against insecurity

As the first round of the presidential elections is already looming, the spokesperson for the candidate of the National Rally has presented, in Ajaccio, some of Marine Le Pen’s flagship proposals for Corsica. Surrounded by several supporters of the approach – including Ariane Natali, Dominique Chiesi, Nathaly Antona and Sylviane Crétal-Neel – François Filoni gave a press conference at the Campo dell’Oro hotel, during which he particularly highlighted the emphasis on the economic aspect. Recalling in the preamble that the trip to the island of the candidate had to be canceled at the time of the demonstrations in support of Yvan Colonna, the spokesperson stressed that, “for the first time, an Ifop poll gives Marine Le Pen the winner within the margin of error, which means that the election is far from over and that the ideas we are developing are taking root in society”.

Marine Le Pen's spokesperson on the island spoke in Ajaccio.  - Photos Florent Selvini

Beyond the program drawn up at the national level, François Filoni and his relatives wanted to highlight the specific measures that the candidate of the far-right party wants to put in place in Corsica. “The challenge is to get out of a situation which, if we are not careful, is heading towards a form of civil war”, said the spokesperson. Among these measures, the “strengthen the teaching of the Corsican language”as well as “teaching from the 6and of the history of Corsica”thus embody “a very strong desire to root our cultural identity and our model of civilization”.

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“The free zone, a barrier against ultra-liberalism”

Eager to “fight for our island” and considering that “the economic situation has social and political repercussions”Marine Le Pen’s supporters also mentioned the island job market and the prospects envisaged. “Corsica is the poorest region, with the most expensive prices, underlined François Filoni. Some 75,000 people live below the poverty line. At 1East January, we had 26,700 unemployed, including 11,000 young people under the age of 26 who are in extreme precariousness. The finding of unfair competition, with outside companies that do not pay the same charges as Corsican companies, is also made by the Direccte and the public prosecutor. It is crucial to breathe and solidify the Corsican economy”he continued.

Alongside Nathaly Antona, who notably recalled the derogatory and specific tax regimes put in place on the island since the Miot Orders, Marine Le Pen’s spokesperson pleaded in this sense for the restoration of the free zone. “After being introduced in 1997, it allowed companies to consolidate and the unemployment rate to drop from 13.7 to 7.5%”he noted. In addition to national measures – including exemption from income tax for those under 30 and exemption from corporation tax for five years for any business created by a young person under 30 -, this measure would allow “companies with less than thirty employees, or less than fifty for those who cannot move, to be exempt from employer contributions for five years”. “It would amount to return 2.5 billion euros over five years to the Corsican economy. This would be an unprecedented effort by the national community and would represent a barrier against the ultra-liberal economy”, he specified.

While Nathaly Antona insisted on “the importance of giving young people, who are the future, the means to succeed in Corsica”François Filoni concluded on “the need to stop the surcharge”. “With a rate of 46%, France is the country that taxes inheritance tax the most. With Marine Le Pen, all professional property would, for example, be exempt on condition of committing to hold it for ten years. It is a question of promoting intergenerational solidarity, to allow parents to pass on their property to their children”, he added.

*Article published in Corse-Matin on Friday April 1, 2022.

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