How to respond to the major change in international trade?

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How does the ESCE differ from other business schools?
The Superior School of Foreign Trade, founded in 1968, is distinguished by its specificity, focused exclusively on the pillar of international business development. A member of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles, ESCE is on the very selective list of Grandes Ecoles de Commerce and as such, trains the future great specialists in international trade. In immersion during the course, our students are trained in export areas and specialized in the major economic and ethical issues that companies around the world must face. Through our teaching methods, our young graduates are immediately operational to respond in a pragmatic way to the reconsideration of what an international company should be. Through a multidisciplinary teaching focused on the whole world, our students are therefore positioned from the outset on international careers.

In concrete terms, what is the teaching method used in your school?

Through rigorous recruitment of our teaching staff, teaching exclusively for ESCE, we provide our students with the guarantee of a high quality education. Indeed, our professors (50% international), doctors in management sciences in their specialties and regularly published, bring all their expertise on the major techniques of business development abroad.

In addition, each course is joined by a professional in the field, who, through his vision of the daily reality of companies, makes it possible to create rich and exciting educational content. The courses are delivered in hybrid ways and are divided into distance studies (video content, videoconferencing, etc.) and approximately 20 hours of mandatory face-to-face on our campuses. Finally, through the practical case studies entrusted by the companies, our students are exposed to concrete problems to be solved.

Can you tell us more about these case studies?
Each year, more than 200 companies entrust us with the specific issues they face. Exposed to future consultants and studied independently or in a working group, these issues constitute a very real and fascinating field of study. Through a new and pragmatic vision, specific to Generation Z, the diagnoses and recommendations offered pleasantly surprise business leaders.

How to join the ESCE?
Our 600 annual students are selected by entrance examination (Sesame) and by file for a 3-year (international Bachelor’s programme), 5-year (Master’s in Science) or 8-year (Doctorate) course. Historically based in Paris in the 15th arrondissement, our Parisian campus is expanding from the start of the 2022 academic year, with a strategic location in the heart of the Paris La Défense business center. An ultra-modern and dynamic campus, stimulated by an environment conducive to professional opportunities. A third study site, therefore, which places us closer to decision-makers and which is added to our Lyonnais campus.

Note that more than 90% of our young graduates begin their professional and international career at the end of their studies. (12000 Alumni worldwide). In a rapidly changing global context, business needs are exponential and require a demanding reinterpretation (climate emergency, more ethical vision of trade) of the commercial world of tomorrow.

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