Investing in Finistère calls for better plane and train services – Economy

Investing in Finistère calls for better plane and train services – Economy
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“In the short term, we are asking for at least one guaranteed daily return trip, or even several connections, by plane, between Brest and Orly. In the medium and long term, we would like a little more than the ten minutes saved, by train, on the new West-Brittany Pays de la Loire links. Brest and Quimper 3 hours from Paris, we’re not there! There are economic and regional planning issues here,” point out Christian Couilleau and Delphine Drévilllon. They lead the “mobility” group of the Invest in Finistère-Managers responsible for Western Finistère-Brittany network.

“Finistère more than ever in the west…”

These entrepreneurs hadn’t stepped up to the plate in transportation for some time. They return to it with a slogan: “Finistere, more than ever in the west in terms of mobility”! They thus hope to convince political decision-makers that the economic and social development of Finistère “passes through massive investments in transport, in particular within the framework of the new West Brittany Pays de la Loire links (LNOBPL)”.

To their liking, the prospects for the development of the rail network by 2035-2050 give too much priority to the Rennes and Nantes metropolises to the detriment of high-speed services between Brest, Quimper and Paris and daily trains, in particular for connections north-south in Brittany, especially between Brest and Quimper.

Doesn’t air-train competition and Finistère’s north-south duality make it more difficult to choose investments in mobility? “The two transports are complementary but it is certain that this double north-south line does not help to clarify the situation. It would have been better, at one time, to consider an airport and a large TGV station in the Center-Finistère”, answers Jean-Paul Kerrien, the president of Invest in Finistère.

“It’s important for managers and employees”

The director of the association (30 companies and 40,000 employees) takes up the question to recall, for her part, the demands made in 2014-2015 when the LNOBPL consultation was starting: “A real multimodal exchange hub with a TGV station near Brest-Guipavas airport, and, connected, a new train line which put Quimper 20 minutes from Brest”, describes Françoise Lelann. About six billion investments suggested at the time, including on high-speed lines.

While LNOBPL scenarios should be presented by SNCF Réseau to political decision-makers in the summer of 2022, Investir en Finistère-DRO seeks to influence the reading grid. “It’s important for managers and employees, otherwise we fear that more and more decision-making centers will move east to the detriment of the west,” they claim.

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