National Golf Week: The golf economy is doing well

National Golf Week: The golf economy is doing well
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Despite rather cool weather for this National Golf WeekInside the exhibitors’ tent, you could feel an obvious human warmth. The smiles on the faces of the various players in French golf say a lot, the golf business is going rather well whether it is for equipment manufacturers, golf travel agencies or simply for enthusiasts. Until this evening and for three days, they were therefore all happy to find the effervescence of the show on the mythical national golf.

If the number of licensees does not say everything about the good economic health of the golf industry, it remains an excellent indicator of trends in the sector. With 436,846 practitioners in 2021, the ffgolf broke a record from 2012. A record which is accompanied by an increase in new licensees and a return of old ones.

47,009The ffgolf welcomed for the year 2021, 47,009 new licensees, including 30% of women while their share in the total number of licensees is 27%.

The context of Covid-19 certainly has something to do with it. The desire to find the outside and to practice a friendly sport with human contact seem to be the primary motivations of the practitioners. And to practice, you need equipment. Antoine HourdinPING sales manager, has seen this positive effect reflected in his sales: ” We simply sold more clubs. This is how the clientele reacted to this desire to go play golf. Moreover, at the end of 2021 we had trouble delivering as demand was strong. From a health point of view, we suffered in 2020, but in terms of business, the Covid-19 crisis ultimately benefited us because people wanted leisure, the desire to have fun and having fun and that has had an impact on our sales. There are new golfers who wanted to equip themselves but also old ones who wanted to update their equipment. »

Our figures are good and it feels good to experience this after two difficult years.

Anouchka Guinandcommunication & marketing director at Resonance Golf Collection.

The future brightens

The numbers are good and going back two years, golf professionals were all scared. Fortunately, the sector has rebounded and this “Covid friendly” activity, as the English say, is taking on new colors: “ In the second half of 2020, golf got off to a good start and in 2021 we continued our momentum.Explain Lionel CaronPresident of Srixon Sport Europe. The major markets are on double-digit increases. We also have the chance this year to meet on this beautiful showcase of French golf that is the Golf National for this National Golf Week and honestly when we discuss with our collaborators, our customers, I feel optimism for the to come up. »

The huge fitting space of the National Golf Week was indeed the main attraction of the event but on the side of travel professionals, satisfaction was also present. At Resonance Golf Collection, formerly Open Golf Club, deprivation during the health crisis has given ideas to golf travel enthusiasts as explained to us Anouchka GuinandCommunications & Marketing Director: There really is an impetus for all outdoor activities. We really see a desire to reconnect with nature and for us it is beneficial. The golf that we offer here as a natural and social experience is attracting more and more people. Whether close to home or further afield, golfers want to get away and enjoy the journey through playing golf. It’s good to live this after two difficult years and our figures are good, especially on the creations of new golfers through our discovery days. »

Golf therefore seems to be surfing on a long and beautiful wave. To listen to the professionals in the sector, the future looks bright and this National Golf Week perfectly reflects the obvious progress of our practice.

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