Ready for a sporty hike along the Valley of Painters between Creuse and Berry?

Under the aegis of the French Hiking Federation, the 11th edition of the Rando Classic des 2 Vallées resumes with a vengeance in 2022.

On Sunday May 1, this event will offer long-distance “sporty” hikes with five routes of 20, 26, 35, 43 and 49 km and elevation differences between 700 and 1,400 meters.

Remarkable sites

The opportunity to borrow almost entirely the Valley of painters, between Fresselines and Gargilesse, immortalized by many artists, impressionist painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, landscape gardeners who fell under the spell of this region, between Berry and Limousin .

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How is a hiking trail born in the Creuse?

The valley allows you to discover the remarkable sites of the Middle Ages, the fortress of Crozant, the castles of Bonnu and Chateaubrun. Also on the program, the castles of Gargilesse and Chatelier, along the fortified farm of La Mothe. Superb panoramas await walkers, with the Confluence of the 2 Creuses, the Rocher de la Fileuse, Lake Eguzon retained by the Eguzon dam, the Chérons site, La Chaumerette, and the Gorges de la Gargilesse where a flora exceptional broom, hyacinth, wild garlic and orchids.

From Fresselines

On May 1st, it is in Fresselines in the Creuse that the departure will take place again; the starting path will pass by the Puy Guillon footbridge, before joining the Confluent of the 2 Creuses, then the Crozant bridge and the rock of La Fileuse. The route will then follow Lake Eguzon, with its superb panoramas and make a getaway to the fortress of Châteaubrun with the monumental sculptures of Guy Baudat. Participants will discover an exceptional view from the top of the Falaise des Chérons. The journey, starting from the village of Chérons, will allow you to cross the Bois de la Garenne, then after the essential passage in Gargilesse, to return to the gorges of the Gargilesse. After having skirted the Château du Chatelier, the participants will arrive at Pommiers.

The five courses

49 kilometersbetween Fresselines and Pommiers.
43 kilometersbetween Fresselines and Pommiers (two less loops compared to the 49 km route).
35 kilometersbetween the Fougères campsite and Pommiers.
26 kilometersbetween the Pont des Piles and Pommiers.
20 kilometersbetween the Pont des Piles and Pommiers (two loops less than the
26 km course).
All hikers must in principle report to Pommiers and are transported by coach to the three sites at the start of the route (Fresselines, Fougères campsite and Pont des Piles leisure centre). There are seven refreshments or water points, gourmet table on arrival.

Given the limited number of participants, it is advisable to register as soon as possible, on the club’s website, by email: or by phone at, at or at

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