This team has never communicated as well as in telework

Not only is the stress level of its employees reduced, but above all, they have never communicated so well as from a distance, assures its Marketing Director, Audrée Bergevin. (Picture: courtesy)

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RÉVEIL-MATIN. After two years of telecommuting, Adfast Canada’s administrative team is out of the question to set foot in the office. Not only is the stress level of its employees reduced, but above all, they have never communicated so well as from a distance, assures its Marketing Director, Audrée Bergevin.

The company made this decision after asking the question to its employees, who mostly replied that they preferred to continue working from their home.

“We have daily meetings between colleagues, where we talk about what we did the day before. We chat all day, she says. Even training has never been so easy! If I do something that I need to show my employee, I just have to call them, share my screen and record the meeting, then it’s done!”

By having taken the decision to keep its administrative teams, i.e. nearly a third of its employees, completely teleworking, the sealant specialist Adfast was thus able to have access to a pool of talents much further away from its head office in the arrondissement of Saint -Laurent in Montreal.

“Some colleagues simply could not come to the office, even if the organization made him an agent, because they stay almost an hour and a half away”, illustrates the marketing director, who recalls that the company did not encourage its employees. workers to work from home before the first cases of COVID-19.

Her team has moreover doubled in size in recent years, going from three workers to seven. Audrée Bergevin notes that on rare occasions, full-time telecommuting has hindered the hiring of candidates or recruits who need to be physically close to their teammates.

“It hasn’t happened often. It may be more difficult to integrate into a remote team. I saw my colleagues, I was able to build a relationship before being teleworked, she concedes. However, this is far from the norm. I have a lot of new employees who have been with us for a year or a year and a half and it’s going well.”

And it is simply thanks to her daily meetings, inaugurated at the start of the pandemic, and informal chat exchanges that she manages to keep the members of her team united: “We talk to each other more in chat than we used to. in the office when you had to get up and go see the other person. Now we can only chat.

She doesn’t think the screen keeps her from understanding how her employees are doing. Thanks to these regular video exchanges that she maintains, she can spot those who don’t have the fishing, just as she would have felt if she were physically present of them at the office.

For its part, to rally its employees, Adfast sends a monthly newsletter in which are presented the news received, but also the successes of each team. And although the sanitary measures are becoming more and more flexible, no face-to-face meeting is planned.

What allows them to really be able to take advantage of the benefits of teleworking, and to collaborate, is the fact that all of their processes are integrated. “Of course the interconnectivity of our software helps, because everything is digitized. We are also certified 4.0 by the Bureau de normalization du Québec. If it hadn’t been, it would have been more difficult, ”says Audrée Bergevin, from the comfort of her workstation without paperwork.

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