Opening of Kellinson, a firm dedicated to finance and taxation

For two decades, he was on the side of the tax administration. “A very stimulating job”whom he loved deeply. Today, Rachid Dkhaili is a “real fake young lawyer”, which means to companies that the tax system is not there to paralyze their activity. “The General Tax Code is more than 2,000 pages. There are obligations, of course, but also many rights, many possibilities. His message is encouraging: France is a country where you have to invest, when you know how to use the texts. That’s Kellinson’s promise. The firm will be there to help businesses grow through “innovative, secure and responsible solutions”. “I left the administration, but I will keep the ethics and rigor”assures the lawyer.

Beautiful results

He first trained at the ENA in Rabat where he then worked as a civil administrator. When he arrived in France in 2000, he enrolled in Dauphine for a master’s degree in auditing and control followed by a doctorate in behavioral finance. At the same time, he joined the General Directorate of Public Finances. He will first be responsible for controlling the financial sector – banks, brokerage firms, assets – for ten years, then consultant to the control brigades of major national and international groups for another ten years. This is the major asset of the lawyer: a perfect knowledge of the field and the tools. He will not assist the companies he has controlled – ethics oblige – but understands all the issues.

It’s Kellinson’s promise, helping businesses grow through “innovative, secure and responsible solutions”

Rachid Dkhaili likes to transmit – he teaches finance and taxation at Dauphine -, helping companies to understand complex mechanisms. Financial, international and transactional taxation, M&A, derivatives… The lawyer will offer his clients, ETIs and large groups, his experience in tax audits and advice. And already knows what his ideal file would look like: “A case with high stakes and great results.” When he thinks of his 30,000 colleagues from the Paris bar? “Tax law is an avalanche of texts. Some have changed versions three to four times in a single exercise. The obligation to comply is such that there is room for everyone”jokes the lawyer.

He, who had several opportunities to join a firm, therefore did not hesitate to create his own. He wanted to live the entrepreneurial experience. Especially since Kellinson is a family adventure: the name was found with the family, the website created by their son. Rachid Dkhaili is alone, for the moment, but is already thinking of surrounding himself with collaborators. His dream ? Grow the firm. He imagines beautiful addresses in Paris, New York, Dubai, Luxembourg. The sources of inspiration are not lacking: “I observe where were, thirty or forty years ago, the firms which are today powerful on Wall Street. Most started with one or two people, so why not me?

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