Portrait. Manal Bernoussi, Strategy, Partnerships & Communication Director – Casablanca Finance City

Manal Bernoussi is one of the 50 inspiring women who are moving the lines, selected in the special issue of our Challenge magazine “Les chances du Maroc”, published on March 8 in tribute to Moroccan women.

An engineer with a degree in Telecommunications from INSA Lyon and the National University of Singapore, Manal Bernoussi, who is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at Africa Business School and Columbia University, began her career in Paris, in the consulting sector within of Capgemini consulting and Wavestone (formerly Solucom/Kurt Salmon).

In 2010, she joined Casablanca Finance City when it was created, and held several responsibilities there, in particular as Strategy and Organization Manager, then Project Manager for the General Manager, then General Secretary of CFC. Less than six months ago, Manal Bernoussi was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC – World Alliance of International Financial Centers). For those who have worked with the Strategy, Partnerships & Communication Director of Casablanca Finance City (CFC), this election is not a surprise as this Moroccan likes to invest in the international influence of her country. At CFC since its creation, Manal Bernoussi is notably in charge of forging partnerships with other international financial centers and positioning CFC in key sectors such as Fintechs and Sustainable Finance.

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In 2018, she was appointed Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Communication within the financial center of Casablanca.

Today, eleven years after its launch, the Moroccan place, symbol of local renewal, has established itself as the first African hub. With more than 200 CFC-labelled companies, the financial center, modeled on financial hubs like the City of London, has proven itself. It is in fact the first business community with an African vocation.

Beyond his activity, his missions, his responsibilities within CFC, Manal also knows how to give his time by reaching out to others. In 2021, it is launching the “Leaders On Purpose” podcast, which shares the journeys and teachings of inspiring national and international leaders.

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Active member of the Mentor’elles association, dedicated to mentoring young women during their professional career and the We4she association, which is a network of women leaders working to improve the representation of women in decision-making bodies, Manal is aware that his experience is not at all representative of the majority. “That’s why I feel close to the cause of gender equality,” she says. “Throughout my career, I have been surrounded personally and professionally by people who have supported me in my choices. Since its creation, the company in which I work has established parity within the team (in terms of staff and salary) then at the level of the management committee as well, which is perfectly equal (….) I think that it is very important to make company bosses, men and women, aware of these subjects”. For Manal Bernoussi, the challenges to be met are numerous, but what she would like is for her country to be able to take advantage of the full potential of the female half of its population. “We are ranked 144th/156 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index 2021 in terms of the gap between the 2 genders, our ambition for the next 10 years should aim to improve this position substantially as we have done for other indices. “, she adds.

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