“They are ready to overpay to nab Anthony Davis this summer”

Anthony Davis is not safe from a transfer during the next offseason, and we can expect that he will be courted by many franchises. However, one of them would be ready to give up a lot in return for him! The Brow would then move from one big market to another.

The Lakers are going beyond big upheavals in the coming summer as the superteam has been a failure all down the line. Few players will be spared, and even Anthony Davis could pack his bags. The interior has only played 39 games this season, when his franchise would have needed him to get back in the saddle. Some analysts are already calling for a departure from the former Pelicanbelieving that his physical fragility will cost the franchise over the next few years.

However, if he has a big contract (120 million remaining over three years) and his body of ice does indeed pose a problem, there is no doubt that the competition will immediately jump at the chance. After all, we are talking about a player with MVP potential when he is healthy… On his podcast, Bill Simmons in any case claimed that a team could give it a shot in the coming months, desperately needing a electroshock in its workforce:

Knicks hot to bring in Anthony Davis?

The Lakers are still going to need two big guys in exchange for Anthony Davis who LeBron could win with immediately. I think the Knicks are going to overpay for him, I think the Knicks are ready to go for a really big shot this summer, that’s my opinion.

Along with the Californians, New York is perhaps the biggest disappointment of this campaign. Fourth in the East last year, they fell back into their ways and will completely miss the playoffs in a few weeks, given their catastrophic record (35-44, 11th). Add to that disappointing recruits like Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker and the many controversies around Julius Randlechange is needed in the big apple. Bringing in The Brow could be a first step in that direction.

On the other hand, as Simmons adds, NY leaders won’t be desperate to get AD either. Indeed, the main nugget of the roster should be automatically excluded from the negotiations, being the darling of the public and one of the rare satisfactions in the slump that was 2021-22:

I don’t think they’re going to agree to sell RJ Barrett. In my opinion, he is untransferable in their eyes, the fans love him.

The Knicks would therefore be hot to get Anthony Davis and could make a big offer to the Lakers this summer. To be seen, however, if the Purples and Golds will accept, especially if RJ Barrett is not available in return.

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