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Dn the context of this series, Urban Bible interviews a person working in the world of fashion or beauty in Montreal or the surrounding area, in order to ask them six questions about their brand or their profession. Fashion or accessory designers, designers of beauty products or local perfumes, tattoo artists or professional make-up artists: they all lend themselves to the game of helping you discover the many facets of their creative worlds. Today, we present to you Virginie Fisette, one of the three co-founders of Tamélo, a 100% Montreal ready-to-wear brand whose mission is to pay tribute, always with lightness and humor, to the icons of pop culture. from the 1970s to today. Get ready to make room for some fun new pieces to hang in your wardrobe this summer!

Virginie, we are delighted to meet you! Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to our readers in a few words and tell us how fashion first came to you?

“Hi! Thanks again for thinking of us! For my part, to be honest, I was not heading towards fashion at all. The proof, I studied art history and communications! But when my sister Mélodie and my friend Tamara started Tamélo, I joined them, and fashion then became a way for us to express our creativity and above all to allow people to buy items with our own creations. .”

“Clothes are a means of communication for our illustrations and our ideas, but we do not consider ourselves fashion designers or creators.”

“Everything is chaos” (Mylène Farmer). Photo: All rights reserved @ Tamélo

With your sister Mélodie Fisette and your mutual best friend Tamara Lo Tartaro Benoit, you have decided to launch the “proudly Montreal” ready-to-wear brand Tamélo, whose mission is to pay tribute to Quebec’s outstanding icons. Which of you had the flash of genius and who are these artists who inspire you with so much creativity?

“It was really my sister Mélodie who had the idea at the start. At that time, we saw a lot of products and clothes in reference to the culture of the 1980s-1990s, but more on the American side and internationally. We said to ourselves that it was a shame, because, on our side, it is music, films and Quebec series that marked our childhood and our adolescence!

“The artists who inspired the first models are truly icons of Quebec culture: Les BB, Marie Carmen, Julie Masse, Mylène Farmer, Mitsou, etc. More and more, we are exploring more varied avenues, we will dip into Quebec folklore (la Chasse-Galerie, for example), or even on the side of French song.

“The important thing for us is that the starting piece is something that evokes a feeling of happiness and nostalgia in our customers and that it becomes part of popular culture.”

And what are your company’s missions and the values ​​you want to convey?

“With Tamélo, our mission is to keep alive and/or revive elements of popular culture that, collectively, we have sometimes overshadowed or forgotten and which, when revisited, evoke feelings of happiness and comfort in everyone. from U.S.”

“I think the main value we try to convey through our clothes is this idea of ​​bringing people together around a concept.”

“And besides, we see it on our social networks and through the testimonials received: when people see one of our models pass by, they identify their friends and they exchange memories together! It has often happened that people share with us the fact that, when they wear our creations, they are sometimes approached by strangers who recognize themselves through them!

“In short, creating discussion, sharing, that’s what we prefer.”

“Between light and shadow” (Marie Carmen). Photo: All rights reserved @ Tamélo

Can you tell us about the manufacturing process of your products, among which we find round necks, hoodies, t shirts and camisolesas well as accessories and more? Basically, we would be curious to know who does what among your trio and how you create your different ranges!

“The hardest and most challenging part, at the same time, is the creative process around a model: that is, finding the right idea! For this part, we really work the three girls together. One of us launches an initial idea and we all work together to develop it.”

“It’s Tamara who creates the illustration, who takes care of the graphic design and even the creation of the models. And it’s really great this way of doing things, because it allows us to do everything in-house! Thereafter, we refine, rectify and correct everything in threes.

“Then, Mélodie, affectionately nicknamed the president, since it is she who manages the various suppliers and who negotiates the prices as well as the deadlines with them, but also because she is the one who has the sharpest business sense, often has the last word on the decisions which must be taken and which concern the development of the company.

“Finally, I take care of everything related to communications, such as customer service, relations with the media and the various communication channels (social networks, newsletter, etc.) I am also responsible for accounting and the various partnerships and collaborations that we are developing.”

On a daily basis, what are the challenges faced by a company like yours?

“Our greatest challenge, which is also our greatest motivation, is the desire to constantly renew ourselves on the creative side, while not distorting the Tamélo brand. It’s a delicate balance between the idea of ​​pleasing our customers, while offering them something new, and potentially losing some of them, because we’ve strayed too far from the brand’s identity. »

“The major business challenge is to reach new audiences in order to always develop the brand.”

Photo: Zacharie Beaudoin

And so, will a new line of products be added to your collection soon? We are curious to know what is coming fresh at Tamélo very soon!

“Of course more products are coming, haha!”

“We are currently working on developing and manufacturing our own clothing models so that we no longer depend on an external supplier to produce them.”

“At the moment, we have five to six suppliers who provide us with the garments on which we print our designs, which limits us in terms of creativity. This change will allow us to develop a wider range of products and a wider range of model options.”

“If all goes well, these novelties should arrive in the fall of 2022!”

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